There was a better time and it’s nothing to do with rose tinted glasses….

I remember one of my first brushes with undergraduate study- as a young,idealistic working class socialist, was Criminology at the Open University. (wrong time/wrong job/wrong circumstances-but it was free!). Apart from learning about Anomie,Chicago School and Deviancy Amplification, I distinctly remember the idea that we are all prone to romanticise about the past-especially the old perennial ‘before the war’.
My recollection is that I subscribed to the ‘grown up’ assertion that these ‘folk memories’ were a natural part of the psyche, and that, in reality, there never were ‘golden times’, there was always a fly- or many flies in the ointment.

Well , that was at least 35 years ago ,and I can say with some certainty- nay, definitively- I can remember a Golden Age and like Winston Smith in 1984 I know it existed and wonder if it could ever exist again ?

That successive politicians seem to use Orwells 1984 as a blueprint for government instead of a dystopian warning is more than worrying. ( Ok-so I have some admissions I have been a member of the following political parties at disparate times: Communist Party of G.B.Marxist/Leninist/ Labour Party / and more recently, and to my ultimate shame Libdems ).
I almost forget the dalliance with the SWP who tried to use feminine wiles to entrap me- but that’s a different story!

Well, the upshot to my preamble-I have a marked tendency to ‘waffle’,not the edible things but to stray from the point-forgive me….
A New Politics-ta dah!!! Well , here we go.

There should be no higher calling than to serve the public , it shouldn’t be seen as an opportunity for advancement-or to screw the public purse and then take off. Politicians of all current parties are , to my mind almost , to a person unelectable.
There are a plethora of ‘fringe’ parties- all equally unelectable. Common sense-Compassion-Passion-Empathy-Service-Ideals-Vision-Strength-Courage-Ability-Selflessness , all needed now more than ever before in our political system.
All so sadly defined by their very absence from both Government and Opposition.

I remember the time when Civic society was ascendant- a time when serving as a councillor was a privilege,now it’s seen as another opportunity,by many,to achieve Cabinet status and a fair old wedge of cash and personal kudos.


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