Is UKIP a party worthy of support ??

The best thing that could be said in support of UKIP is that it is a more amateurish copy of it’s corporate party brothers and sisters , quintessentially  pub, cricket and ‘olde worlde’- on the face of it.. But its underbelly tells a different story – single issue parties with few coherent policies might seem like a breath of fresh air , but this one is regressive , reactionary , blustering and misguided.

There are currently NO POLITICAL PARTIES worthy of my vote – or yours come to that. The idea of voting is not to vote for the least worst option but to vote for the party which approximates your views and aspirations.

I will not be bullied or cajoled by the ‘old chestnut’ people died to get you the vote- undoubtedly they did, and I am eternally grateful. That was THEN when politics actually meant something different – not now , where PPE graduates and professional politicians of all shades collude to rob the populace of everything in the pot.

A party for THE PEOPLE – that means ALL of the people not SOME is what is needed. Just imagine harnessing the power of the internet to create an Anti-party movement, it wouldn’t need canvassers/door knockers/posters/TV ads/local organisation – just a focal point and real world policies.

Very much like the Positive Money campaign , which I wholeheartedly support…just imagine what WE could do… 


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