It’s fair to say that almost everyone is scared shitless of losing whatever they have. There is, in spite of what some of the pundits say, the same class divide in Britain as there always was – it’s just circumspect that they pretend it doesn’t exist- yes it’s blurred and a little fuzzy in some ways but no, still there.

I’m working class and proud of that tradition- I don’t watch soaps/read the Sun/Do the lottery/go on package holidays to Spain/watch football/Drink/Do drugs. Yes , I’m proper boring……..

I read Orwell/Nabokov/Elliot/Dickens/Shakespeare et al. I believe in the Trades Union movement ,but no more in our system of government , which fails the majority. Should I say perhaps , I believe in the concept of Trades Unions not the currently constituted shams that most are.

Working class males have been emasculated ,and the class is now returning to a servant class to service the rich- bollocks to them…


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