Britains alleged recovery…

Britains industrial base has changed out of all recognition , it’s not true to say that manufacturing has vanished , but entirely right that it is no longer the universal force it was across the board . What we see are pockets of certain industries continuing to grow – but these tend to be niche markets and not labour intensive.

When I hear commentators refer to ‘the Financial Services Industry’ I cringe…..

There are no unskilled jobs and few semi-skilled jobs…everyone knows that. Successive governments have used the artificially inflated Housing market to give the illusion of recovery- private sector employment rose substantially when the Govt. moved tranches of public sector workers into the private sector- and maybe hundreds of thousands of people ‘sanctioned’ by the JCP no longer feature. Added to this the near million on ‘virtual jobs’ (Zero Hours) and the future looks decidedly  UN-orange.

Call me ‘old fashioned’ but you either have a job working in a shop, canteen or factory or you don’t….

The Tories conflation of Deficit and Debt has to be one of the most disingenuous Con tricks even for those heartless bastards…

We need to build on ‘Brown field’ sites – Housing, cheap and plentiful built by the army of unemployed paid a living wage, re-skilled and everyone offered a job in the process. Why paying £60-70 benefit + £80 HB + CT say roughly £180 a week on benefits when, at a stroke you could regenerate whole communities- the money you can use to fight far flung wars with surely can be spent at home ??

Houses should be built by the Government and sold at or slightly above cost price- this would automatically burst the Housing bubble and mean affordable rents- but Governments don’t want this do they?

No-one wants to lose their job because of the consequences of that .. so it makes for an acquiescent  and downtrodden Labour force forever kept in wage slavery paying  5 times the real cost of their house to the Banks. Recovery sorted ……….



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